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New in portfolio: LED Porchlight

Meet the LED porch luminaire from OPPLE Lighting


The LED Porchlight efficiently and conveniently lights up outdoor environments. This porch luminaire includes an integral motion and daylight sensor, so it operates at full light capacity when required. If no movement is detected, the luminaire dims automatically to its base light output setting of 20%


The LED Porchlight is rated to IP65 and IK10. So, in combination with the motion and daylight sensor, this luminaire is ideal for use in apartment block walkways, stairways and porches. When a resident approaches the luminaire, the LED Porchlight automatically switches to its full lighting intensity. As a result, this porch luminaire is also perfect for evacuation lighting.


The LED Porchlight is as much as 55% more energy-efficient than traditional, compact fluorescent lighting. Further savings are achieved by the automatic dimming function.


This outdoor luminaire is available with and without a motion and daylight sensor.