OPPLE LED Light-line System


A LED Light-line System will be added to OPPLE Smart Lighting's range in October 2018. Easy, fast and affordable.


Easy & Fast

Design your light-line system rapidly and easily by selecting products from OPPLE's clearly presented range. It is a complete family of light-line rails, LED modules, sensors, various mounting options and stylish covers.


Smart sensors for additional energy savings

The OPPLE light-line system uses OPPLE's smart DALI dimmable system. The sensors react promptly to movement and the available level of daylight. As a result, the light output changes continuously based on the presence of people and the level of activity. This control feature results in additional energy savings.


The range

OPPLE's light-line system gives you a choice of four different beam angles and three handy mounting methods. Mount the light-lines using a clip for chain attachment and a steel cable that is adjustable in length (maximum of 3 metres), or fix them directly to the ceiling with a mounting bracket.


Convenient online configurator

OPPLE's website includes a dedicated OPPLE light-line configurator. Using this tool, you can specify the optimum light-line system for your factory unit, shed or warehouse. You know immediately the amount of energy saving, the optimum combination of products that you require and the payback period for your investment.


No time to use the tool? Please contact Technische Unie or OPPLE in order to calculate your optimum OPPLE LED line-lighting plan.


Project: Byldis Facades, Veldhoven
Installer: ETB Sweegers, Veldhoven


Installer’s feedback:

"Very simple and fast installation, a cable stripper was the only tool required."

"The light-lines click smoothly into each other without unsightly gaps".

"Convenient protective film on the end cover to keep it clean"

"Comfortable lighting and a perfectly uniform result."

"Very happy with the final system."