OPPLE Smart Lighting system - Simple and Intelligent





OPPLE has developed a completely new system to make the features and benefits of Smart Lighting available to everyone. OPPLE’s Smart Lighting system is characterised by extremely simple installation: the luminaires can be attached to the ceiling and connected to the power supply directly out of the box, followed by installation and set-up with OPPLE's free Smart Lighting App (Android and iOS). No extra wires, fittings, gateways, servers or controllers are required - everything is included in the LED driver in the luminaire and it communicates directly with your smartphone or tablet. Anyone can use it - so there is no need for experts!


OPPLE's Smart Lighting products are fully compatible with Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 'mesh’ topology. The LED Slim Panel Performer, the LED Downlight Performer, a wireless motion detector and a wireless wall switch are the first products in this 'smart' family. In addition, all these smart products can be controlled using OPPLE's Smart Lighting App.