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Boost your colours with CRI90

Boost your colours with CRI90

Imagine picking out a green sweater at home, but in the office the sweater appears to be brown. Or if you buy a red sweater in a store, when wearing it outside the sweater appears to be orange.

This phenomenon has to do with colour rendering. Lighting has a certain CRI, Colour Rendering Index, the scale to which colour is correctly displayed on a scale from 1 to 100. Sunlight has a colour rendering of 100. All colours in the spectrum are 100% reflected and are the most natural.

OPPLE now launches, in addition to the standard CRI80 solutions, new luminaires with CRI90! This means that the colours are rendered extra natural and beautiful by the light of these luminaires. Red is red, brown is brown.

This also means that your skin colour will look better under CRI90. The red tones in your skin are better displayed, you feel more comfortable in any environment.

Applications for CRI90 can be: offices, healthcare and of course shops.

The CRI90 luminaires are available in LED Slim Panel Performer UGR19, LED Downlight Performer HG / MW, LED Spot 3C Performer Compact, LED Spot 3C Performer, LED Spot Performer Swing and LED Spot Performer RA

If you are interested in CRI90 luminaires, please ask one of our OPPLE account managers for advice.