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Give SMART energy to students

Why Opple Smart Lighting?

The transition to the digital world is a reality, students and teachers are exploiting technology that make their life easier in school.

Agenda? Saved easily on the phone

Projectors? Changed with digital boards and screens

The next SMART step to improve the quality of life in schools is Smart Lighting. But how? 

Smart Lighting for CONVENIENCE.

What happens in the sun is shining and it gets brighter? Then the lighting along the window will gradually dim without changing the total level of light. This system guarantees maximum energy savings.

What about lighting in the hallway? With a smart system they can dim down automatically if nobody is there by keeping the minimum amount of lighting for safe reasons. Ideal when lessons are taking place! As soon as a person is detected the lights return to the pre-set level from 10% to 100%.

Forgot to turn any lights off? No problem, when everyone is leaving the building the lights will automatically turn off! Guaranteed energy savings!


Smart Lighting for the MOOD.

Like sun light is affecting our energy level, the light in our environment can affects the mood, productivity, and energy levels. Functional lighting helps to keep student motivated and focused along the day, in this way teachers can get the most out of each day.

Dim-down lights during a presentation improve the visibility and quality of the lessons for everyone, while setting mood lights during lunch break created a more relaxed environment.


Smart Lighting to STAY IN CONTROL.

The system can thus function autonomously, but the teachers remain in control of the lighting in their classroom using the wireless switch or the OPPLE Smart App (Android/iOS). Are you interested in a live demo?

Reach out to us!

Give SMART energy to students!