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NEW: LED Streetlight

OPPLE LED Streetlight

The new solution for public lighting.


OPPLE has extensive experience with lighting systems for both indoor and outdoor environments. If you require good quality LED lighting, competitive prices, the right lighting advice or friendly, fast service, OPPLE Lighting with its wide range of LED products is always a good choice. OPPLE's range continues to grow and a functional outdoor lighting family was recently added to our offer. A new family for OPPLE that covers a wide range of applications ranging from large outside areas and residential environments to cycle paths and street lighting.

This new addition to OPPLE's portfolio is an excellent solution for your outdoor lighting needs. This luminaire guarantees you high quality. The "cast aluminium" housing offers proven durability, excellent value for money and can easily be mounted at various post heights.

The new OPPLE LED Streetlight is available with a colour temperature of 4000K, a high CRI of more than 80 and a service life of 50,000 hours (L70B50). The design is characterised by high efficiency (up to 125 lm/W) at light outputs of 2500, 4600 and 7500 lumen. These features allow you to create a safe and optimal public lighting system that succeeds in combining a high degree of uniformity with extensive distances between the posts. The matching accessories for the different types of post and for wall mounting make this product ideal for a wide range of applications.

OPPLE’s LED Streetlight is the first in a series of luminaires for functional outdoor lighting that OPPLE intends to market. These luminaires guarantee you high quality thanks to OPPLE's quality standards, which include ISO, TüV and ENEC certification. OPPLE offers a 5-year warranty on these luminaires. OPPLE products are available from our own stock. In addition, OPPLE provides best-in-class service and enjoys the challenge of helping you with product specification, project layouts or lighting level calculations.

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