LED Filament Lamps

LED Filament B35

  • Classic light bulb shape ensures an easy replacement
  • Instant 100% light when switched on and no startup time
  • No UV / IR radiance so there is less risk of damage
  • Up to 86% less energy consumption than traditional bulbs


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LED-E-B35-FILA-E14-4.5W-DIM-2700K-FR500011000100GLS 40W4701042700FrostedWhite
LED-E-B35-FILA-E14-4.5W-DIM-2700K-CL500011000200GLS 40W4701042700ClearOther
LED-E-B35-FILA-E14-4W-2700K-CL500011000300GLS 40W4701182700ClearOther
LED-E-B35-FILA-E14-2.8W-DIM-2700K-FR500011000400GLS 25W250892700FrostedWhite
LED-E-B35-FILA-E14-2.8W-2700K-CL500011000500GLS 25W250892700ClearOther