LED High Power Bulbs

LED High Power Bulb

  • High lumen output allows easy replacement up to 400W HID
  • To be used in existing luminaired with E40 sockets, of which the ballast needs to be removed
  • Connects directly to 220-240V
  • High lumen packages with high efficacy: up to 13,000 lm and 113 lm/W
  • Enables both surface and hook mounting
  • Up to 55% energy savings compared to traditional HID lamps
  • 2.5 times longer lifetime compared to traditional HID lamps

Quality marks


ProductEquivalent to
LED P HPB E40 90W 4000K 140D CT
HID 250W
LED P HPB E40 115W 4000K 140D CT
HID 400W

Technical Specifications

Degree of protection (IP)IP20

Electrical Specifications

Voltage typeAC