LED Spots

LED Spot Round Adjustable HQ

  • Attractive tiltable recessed spotlight with comfortable light beam
  • Up to 85% lower energy consumption than halogen spotlights
  • Unique light mixing technique and optics design, UGR16
  • Good beam orientation adjustment, providing great flexibility
  • Full IP44 solution (8W), including IP44 LED-driver
  • Available in white and aluminum with light colors 2700K, 3000K and 4000K


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LEDSpotRA-HQ 7W-Dim-3000-40D-AL-CT140044080Halogen 35W420603000Brushed Aluminum RAL 9022
LEDSpotRA-HQ 7W-Dim-4000-40D-AL-CT140044084Halogen 35W450644000Brushed Aluminum RAL 9022
LEDSpotRA-HQ 7W-Dim-3000-40D-WH-CT140044096Halogen 35W420603000White RAL9003
LEDSpotRA-HQ 7W-Dim-4000-40D-WH-CT140044100Halogen 35W450644000White RAL9003
LEDSpotRA-HQ 7W-Dim-2700-40D-AL-CT140044419Halogen 35W400572700Brushed Aluminum RAL 9022
LEDSpotRA-HQ 7W-Dim-2700-40D-WH-CT140044423Halogen 35W400572700White RAL9003
LEDSpotRA HQ2 8W-Dim-2700-40D-AL-IP44140061278Halogen 50W600752700Brushed Aluminum RAL 9022
LEDSpotRA HQ2 8W-Dim-3000-40D-AL-IP44140061279Halogen 50W600753000Brushed Aluminum RAL 9022
LEDSpotRA HQ2 8W-Dim-4000-40D-AL-IP44140061280Halogen 50W600754000Brushed Aluminum RAL 9022
LEDSpotRA HQ2 8W-Dim-2700-40D-WH-IP44140061281Halogen 50W600752700White RAL9003
LEDSpotRA HQ2 8W-Dim-3000-40D-WH-IP44140061282Halogen 50W600753000White RAL9003
LEDSpotRA HQ2 8W-Dim-4000-40D-WH-IP44140061283Halogen 50W600754000White RAL9003
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