LED Porchlight EcoMax

LEDPorch-E Re120-6W-4000K-MD-WH

  • Master Porchlight with integrated motion detector and daylight sensor (MD-versions)
  • One Master Porchlight (MD) can control up to 10 Porchlight fixtures
  • Automatic dimming to 20% light level in case of no movement detection (MD-versions)
  • Detection range, hold time and daylight sensor settings can be easily customized via DIP switch
  • Energy saving up to 50% compared to compact fluorescent based fixtures
  • Further energy saving by the automatic dimming feature

Order info

  • Product ID: 140064480
EAN codePackagingAmountSize (L x W x H)Weight
06945730403049 Carton 15 352 x 127 x 96 mm 0.9 kg